Hypnotherapy can help a wide range of conditions:


Stress & Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for reducing stress and anxiety. Through working with you to establish the causes of your stress or anxiety and then through hypnosis connect with your subconscious mind to establish new responses to situations and allow you to relax and deal with these situations in future.


Smoking cessation

Hypnotherapy has an extremely high success rate with helping people quit smoking. The key is you genuinely want to stop smoking! Smoking cessation is typically done in one 2 hour session. Through hypnosis the process reprograms the subconscious mind to change habits and ultimately make your subconscious mind believe you are now a non-smoker.


Fears & phobias

People’s fears and phobias can be very devastating and restrictive in their lives. Through the use of hypnotherapy, phobias can be resolved within 3 to 6 sessions depending on the individual and the severity of their fears and phobias. Hypnotherapy can help you discover the root cause of the phobia and react with a calmer response when encountering it in the future. Through the use of deep relaxation and the hypnotic state, it teaches the mind a different way to respond to the feared situation or object. Hypnosis for a phobia works by detaching the stimulus from the emotional response and replacing them with new more realistic responses.


Pain management

The management of pain can be helped greatly by using hypnosis. It can be very effective in the relief of both Acute and Chronic pain as well.

As stated by the Arthritis Foundation ‘studies show that more than 75% of people with arthritis and related diseases experience significant pain relief using hypnosis’.


Weight management

There are two popular methods that can be used depending on how much weight you want to lose and what your goals are. These are ‘one to one weight loss hypnotherapy sessions’ to explore eating habits, re-establish control, boost self- confidence, self-esteem, motivation and will power to help you lose the weight you desire. The other programme is the ‘Hypno-gastric band’ system (virtual gastric band hypnosis). This is done over 4 sessions, best suited to people that do not have physiological connections with their weight problems, who overeat or eat large portions of food at each meal and have a BMI of 25 or above. I am also a registered Hypno-Gastric Band Practitioner. The key to success with any weight loss as with any therapy is you. Unless you are really committed to losing weight no weight loss program will work.


Habit breaking

By changing your habits and behaviours can help you regain control, it can also increase your awareness of when you are doing it, what triggers your habit and thereby giving you the ability to choose not to no longer do it. Breaking bad habits can be achieved through hypnosis sessions by getting to the root of these negative patterns/behaviours, through connecting with the subconscious mind. By breaking bad habits and replacing them by building new positive responses. It goes without saying this can only be achieved if the person really wants to make these changes.